90-degree Metal Grips Furniture Packs

Our furniture packs contain both clips and webbing for specific types of furniture including chairs, ottomans and couches/sofas. Each webbing length is 2-feet long, which is longer than any seat frame will require, thus allowing you to trim down to the desired length.

Our 90-degree angle Metal Grips are used on furniture with slots that are 90-degrees to horizontal, or in other words, the slot goes up and down. (The alternative slot angle is 45-degrees, for which you would require our Evans Clips Patented.) 90-degree Metal grips are easy to crimp to the ends of furniture webbing to make any length strap for your furniture.

To make straps, cut the webbing to the slot-to-slot distance (DO NOT MEASURE OLD STRAPS). We recommend cutting one length of webbing first, crimp the 90-degree Metal Grips to each end, following our assembly instructions, insert into your furniture, and then proceed with the rest of the straps, making any tweaks to the measurement per your personal preference. All you need is a scissor and pair of pliers.

Poly Upholstery Webbing is elastic, coated in nylon for durability and longevity. It is 2" wide and is slightly less stretchy than a pure rubber strap. If your furniture does not match any of our Furniture Packs, you may custom order by the foot of Poly Webbing and purchase pairs of Metal Grips separately.

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90-Degree Metal Grips Poly Webbing

(No refunds on cut or damaged webbing orders. To avoid a refund situation, please double-check your measurements)

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